Consulting Services

The IAA facilitates the joint efforts of higher education institutions by using the award-winning Rapid Response Inter-Institutional Academic Program Development and Implementation Model, which has been refined over 15 years of working with collaborative groups, drawing on past successes and lessons learned. With IAA guidance and the Rapid Response Model, institutions can efficiently and expeditiously develop, offer and maintain high-quality multi-institution distance education programs. The basic model follows the process:

Form, Conform, Perform, Transform

See the Expanded Four-Step Model for Academic Alliances (pdf)

Consortium Consulting Services

Project Development

  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Program and partner identification
  • Funding identification
  • Grant-writing
  • Budget development
  • Survey instruments and administration

Project Implementation

  • High-quality inter-institutional academic program development
  • Program assessment
  • Program and course approval strategies
  • Consortia infrastructure development
  • Policies and procedures
  • Meeting—planning and facilitation
  • Survey instruments and administration

Sustainable Project Management

  • Consortium management
  • Enrollment management (ExpanSIS)
  • Financial management
  • Program management
  • Reporting
  • Survey instruments and administration