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Welcome to ExpanSIS

Student Information System to Extend and Span Multi-Institutional Education

What is ExpanSIS?

  • ExpanSIS is a secure, web-based student information system for multi-institution course and program management. It contains institution, course, student, enrollment, program, and revenue information.
  • Institutional partners routinely use ExpanSIS to enroll students in consortium courses, pull up class rosters, and report grades. The data are also used in program decision-making, invoicing, benchmarking, preparing funding agency reports, and conducting research projects.
  • ExpanSIS uses a secure Internet connection, and does not require special software or hardware.

What can ExpanSIS do for you?

Course Scheduling - enter inter-institutional course offerings for each term

Course Mapping - link course names and numbers to courses taught at other institutions

Course Registration - enroll your students in consortium courses

Enrollment Information - secure course roster and information for students enrolled at multiple schools

Contact Information - share contact information for students, instructors, and administrators

Grades - record grades into ExpanSIS to be transferred onto a student's transcript at the enrolling institution

Reports - quickly retrieve data by institution and program for fiscal and program benchmarking

Student Tracking - monitor student progress and completion

Let ExpanSIS help you meet your data exchange needs!

For a system demonstration and pricing information, please contact us!

First used by Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA)


In PDF format


User's Guide

Report Descriptions

Appropriate Use Policy
(sample that can be adapted by your consortium)

Student Acknowledgement Form
(sample that can be adapted by your consortium)