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Welcome to ExpanSIS

Student Information System to Extend and Span Multi-Institutional Education

What is ExpanSIS?

  • ExpanSIS is a secure, web-based student information system for multi-institution course and program management. It contains institution, course, student, enrollment, program, and revenue information.
  • Institutional partners routinely use ExpanSIS to enroll students in consortium courses, pull up class rosters, and report grades. The data are also used in program decision-making, invoicing, benchmarking, preparing funding agency reports, and conducting research projects.
  • ExpanSIS uses a secure Internet connection, and does not require special software or hardware.

What can ExpanSIS do for you?

Course Scheduling - enter inter-institutional course offerings for each term

Course Mapping - link course names and numbers to courses taught at other institutions

Course Registration - enroll your students in consortium courses

Enrollment Information - secure course roster and information for students enrolled at multiple schools

Contact Information - share contact information for students, instructors, and administrators

Grades - record grades into ExpanSIS to be transferred onto a student's transcript at the enrolling institution

Reports - quickly retrieve data by institution and program for fiscal and program benchmarking

Student Tracking - monitor student progress and completion

Let ExpanSIS help you meet your data exchange needs!

For a system demonstration and pricing information, please contact us !

First used by Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA)