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Institute for Academic Alliances


Core Values

Access... Responsiveness... Quality... Affordability

Trust... Equality... Teamwork... Leadership... Commitment

Diversity... Simplicity... Sustainability

We believe in what we do - helping create collaborative distance learning alliances that respond to critical educational needs. Together, we can find ways to use technology to increase access to high-quality education and make a positive impact on individuals, families, communities and countries.

Put our team of hard-working, skilled, intelligent and creative staff members to work for you.

Exceptional Information and Expertise

  • Active listening
  • Data collection, analysis and recommendations
  • Model documents, policies and processes
  • Management tools
  • Evaluation and assessment activities

Pioneering People and Practices

  • Extensive experience - best practices and lessons learned
  • Cutting-edge collaborative programs and models

First-Rate Finance Strategies

  • Identify and create financial opportunities
  • Eliminate redundancies
  • Economies of scale
  • Revenue sharing and distribution

Our Process Model

Form, Conform, Perform, Transform


Good resources with models for collaboration, guides for consortium startup and findings about online student retention.

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